Project Investigator: 
Phillip Shapira
Project Duration: 
January 2007 to April 2009

The Technology Policy and Assessment Center, in association with the European Commission is part of a Network of Strategic Intelligence Providers (ERAWATCH), a joint initiative of the European Commission's Directorates General for Research and Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS). The project aims to provide better knowledge and understanding of national research systems, policies and the environments in which they operate in order to improve policy making in the research field in Europe. ERAWATCH collects data on national and regional research profiles, organizations, programs, and documents; organizes and structures the information within its Research Inventory service; and analyzes and reports on policies, trends and the factors that influence them. Specifically TPAC will monitor and undertake in-depth analyses of research policies, structures, organizations, programs, and developments in the United States and China. The ERAWATCH service is publicly accessible through the web at: